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  • Duration of the performance MUST NOT EXCEED 3-4 MINUTES. For age group under 10yrs. 3 minutes. For Teens & adults: 4min. For any special unique performance that require additional time, prior permission required with the Cultural coordinator.
  • Minimum Group size for performance is 6 and only children in the age group 5 & up are allowed to participate.
  • NO financial help/compensation will be provided to participant(s).
  • Please bring USB with the song for the performance in MP3 format.
  • All the performers must check in 1 hour prior to your time at the cultural registration desk.
  • Each participant must bring a signed copy of the waiver form on the day of the event.
  • Entries submitted after 10th Jan,2020 will NOT be considered. 

** NOTE **


Due to large number of entrees and limited availability of stage time, any entry with less than 6 performers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and also, priority will be given to larger group.In the interest of the event, the Cultural Committee reserves right to make any changes to the above GUIDELINES or more information about the programs.

For more information about the programs, please contact Cultural Committee:

Email: Rashmi Upadhyaya (Chair): 248.790.6258 OR

Ramesh Gudapuri (Chairman, INDIA DAY) at

Indiafest Cultural Participation Form

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Note: Only Allow .mp3 files and size limit 11mb.

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