Key Goals and Initiatives

Sustain a Capable and Credible Organization

Build an effective ILA organization

  • Staff with competent leaders, and develop a bias for action; govern by a constitution, and conform to by-laws
  • Aassign each Executive Board member responsibility for action and results
  • Solicit volunteers and committed individuals to staff Project Teams
  • Create an Advisory Board composed of high-profile Indian community leaders

Increase the size, scale and influence of ILA organization

  • create “Why ILA?” communication; develop ongoing beneficial alliances; conduct fund-raising activities
  • Launch large-scale membership drive; solicit community organization membership

Serve as the representative body for the Indian community

  • Create an “umbrella” organization for all Indian community organizations; leverage scale and synergies
  • Generate goodwill among the Indian and non-Indian community; engage in communication via ILA newsletter

Increase Political Influence

Define the key issues that impact the Indian community

  • focus on the needs of the Indian community, covering all demographics
  • Engage in dialogue; become knowledgeable about current and emerging issues that impact the community

Create an “Agenda of Engagement”

  • Develop an “Agenda of Engagement” that contains coherent and well-defined ILA perspectives or policy
  • Statements on each issue, that are in the best interests of the Indian community
  • Socialize the “Agenda” with Indian community organizations to obtain consensus
  • Publish the “Agenda” and keep up-to-date

Promote the “Agenda of Engagement”

  • Take a leadership role on behalf of the Indian community to promote the “Agenda”
  • Interact with high-profile political, social and economic leaders; encourage support, find common ground
  • Proactively seek to influence policy-making consistent with the “Agenda”

Improve Social Standing

Enhance ILA public profile and presence in the Indian and the broader community

  • Plan frequent interaction with public, media, relevant organizations, bureaucrats, politicians to promote ILA
  • Align with community and professional organizations that can enhance ILA influence

Engage in community outreach efforts that provide favorable visibility for the Indian community

  • Plan one major cross-cultural ILA event per quarter to coincide with key Indian events
  • Improve awareness and understanding of Indian culture

Adopt select charitable initiatives

  • Choose causes that are common between Indian and non-Indian communities
  • Align with other organizations to launch charitable drives

Enhance Economic Leverage

Support the business and commercial interests of the Indian community

  • Serve as a conduit for dialog and information exchange
  • Create a repository of contact information

Facilitate business opportunity through networking

  • Align with other organizations to arrange seminars relevant to the Indian business community
  • Host economic and government delegations promoting business and commerce