INDIA DAY Cultural Registration Form

. Duration of the performance MUST NOT EXCEED 3-4 MINUTES.
. Minimum Group size for performance is 6.
. NO financial help/compensation will be provided to participant(s)
. Please bring 2 copies of the audio CD with appropriate label for the performance
. All the performers must check in 1 hour prior to your time at the cultural registration desk.
. Please have your team check in with Green room Desk 30 minutes prior to program time.
. Entries submitted after JUL 31 will NOT be considered.**NOTE**: Due to large number of entrees and limited availability of stage time, any entry with less than 6 performers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and also, priority will be given to larger group. 

For more information about the programs, please contact Cultural Committee at


Rashmi Upadhyaya (Chair): 248.790.6258
Kappu: 248.227.8900 OR

Ramesh Gudapuri (Chairman, INDIA DAY) at


Cultural Participation

( Cost of Each Performer is $5.00 )


Payment Mode

Total Cost Title Cost
1 Cost of Performer(s) $0
2 Convenience Fee (3%) $0
3 Total Amount to be Paid $0

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