K-pop fatalities highlight South Korea’s desperation for soft energy

K-pop fatalities highlight South Korea’s desperation for soft energy

In unpromising economy, music teams are uncommon monetary and social success

The propulsive beats and synchronized motions that pressed BTS, Blackpink and several other teams to your forefront for the worldwide pop music scene would be the many compelling face of Southern Korea to your globe — its kind of soft energy or international social impact.

Whether advertising Samsung cellphones in Southeast Asia, beauty items in Asia or candidates that are political house — in reality, even yet in governmental propaganda directed at North Koreans — K-pop is everywhere: the evidence of superiority and modernity. Any intimation of their dark part, such as intercourse scandals or even the exploitation of this movie movie stars, mars K-pop’s perfectionist sheen.

However the current obvious committing suicide of Goo Hara, previously of russian brides at russian-brides.us popular girl group Kara, after compared to Sulli, another celebrity singer, in October, plus the conviction on Nov. 29 of two male K-pop movie movie movie stars for intimate crimes, cannot assistance but cast a shadow that is dark the glittery realm of K-pop — and mirror much deeper issues in the current Southern Korea.

What exactly is wondering about contemporary South Korea is the fact that a gaggle of young vocalists has come to symbolize the world: the mask that Southern Korea wears to convince it self yet others of the eminence and coolness.

Most likely, until 2 full decades ago, pop music vocalists stayed suspect in South morally Korea. The virtues of diligence, rectitude and severity that drove years of fast and compressed industrialization — the broad history that spawned Hyundai cars and LG fridges — militated from the frivolous together with salacious that appeared to mark simple activity.