U.S. Is thought to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers

U.S. Is thought to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 – en en Titled “The Sands Are Blowing Toward a Democratic Iraq,” articles written this week for book when you look at the press that is iraqi scornful of outsiders’ pessimism in regards to the nation’s future.

“Western press and sometimes those self-styled ‘objective’ observers of Iraq in many cases are experts of exactly how we, the individuals of Iraq, are proceeding along the course in determining what’s perfect for our nation,” the article began. Quoting the Prophet Muhammad, it pleaded for unity and nonviolence.

But definately not being the heartfelt viewpoint of a writer that is iraqi as its language suggested, this article had been served by the usa army included in a multimillion-dollar covert campaign to plant compensated propaganda into the Iraqi news media and spend friendly Iraqi journalists month-to-month stipends, armed forces contractors and officials stated.

This article had been one of many in a storyboard, the military’s term for a listing of articles, which was delivered Tuesday towards the Lincoln Group, A washington-based advertising company compensated by the Pentagon, papers through the Pentagon show.